Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 280: I Want My Daughter and You

Samuel just frightened him, but when he heard what Lucas said, Samuel came over to Lucas angrily.


“What did you say? Say it again.”


“I'm going to find another man for mommy! I want to change my daddy!”


Lucas still dared to defy Samuel’s authority.


Nicole was stunned and felt speechless of what Lucas had become.

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How did Lucas get trained by Vincent? He was so naughty now!


Let alone Samuel, even she wanted beat him.


“Would you like to experience mixed beating?”


Nicole spoke in a low voice.


Lucas looked at Nicole with an incredulous stare and said, “Mommy, are you going to forsake your own son for the sake of your sweetheart?”


Nicole felt headache.


“Stop taking.”


“Oh, mommy, you don't love me anymore!”


Lucas started to play tricks. He was crying.


Nicole felt that Lucas was asking for beating.


She pulled Lucas to her and whispered, “It is enough. There are no tears in your eyes.”


Lucas was a little stunned, hurriedly touched his saliva on the corner of his eye, and asked gravely, “Are there tears now?”


“I could beat the tears out of your eyes.”


Samuel thought Lucas was really lawless.


The boy was showing his presence all the time, and he didn't know if Riley had caused too much pain to him when Riley took him away.


Seeing that Lucas continue to cling to Nicole’s arms, Samuel, who now had a love-hate relationship with Lucas, whispered,

“Come here, let me hug you.”


“No! I have told you that I want to change another daddy. Don't bribe me. First you hit me, and now you're going to hug me. I don't believe you!”


Lucas turned his head away, as if he really hated Samuel.


Nicole shook her head and laughed.


“Well, stop playing coquetry. Who was happy to see your daddy?”


“Mommy, do you mean Joseph?”


Lucas refused to admit he was happy.