Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 20 You Still Remember Your Son?


Nicole seemed to be in that fire again. All her desperate pleas for help were consumed by fire.


"No! Help! Help me!"


She was sweating buckets. She waved her hands and was like a helpless child.


Olivia hurriedly grabbed her hand and said with pity, "Nicole, its okay. Ifs okay. m here. lm here. Don't be afraid."


Although she did not know what Nicole had gone through in the past five years, the fire five years ago was known to the whole Seapolis City.

No one could get out of that nightmare.


She had heard that the fire burned everything. The roaring flames burned for several hours.


"It hurts! It so hurts! Help me. I'm going to die of pain!"


Nicole grabbed Olivias hands, as if she had grabbed the straw. She used all her strength to grab Olivias hands. Her nails sank into Olivias skin. It hurt, but not as much as the pain in Olivias heart.


"What exactly have you been through? Why did you have a tattoo? Nicole, you have too many secrets. How can l help you?”


Olivias eyes were misty.


She wanted to get justice for Nicole. But who was the other party?