Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 277: You Can't Hit My Mommy

Nicole cheered up when Samuel showed up.


She didn’t expect Samuel to arrive so soon. Seeing this, Zama didn't look good.


“Macon” she cried.


Macon wasn't willing to do that, but he got in Samuel's way.


“Samuel, you can't go there.”


Looking at his former comrade in arms, Samuel's eyes were slightly sour.


“You have chosen to go against me. You should know that if you tell me about that, I will help you, but why you didn’t? Don't you

believe me?”


Macon was perplexed by Samuel's question, and he whispered, “I'll take care of my own business.”


“Is this your own business? What did you say to me when your wife divorced you? Now you're telling me that it’s your own

business? If so, why would you meddle in my family’s business? How important am I in your heart, Macon?”


Samuel was really disappointed.


Macon was his best friend for so many years, but now he went against Samuel.


Zama saw that Macon was hesitant, and she said hastily, “Macon, you have promised your son to take him abroad.”


“Shut up!” Samuel yelled at Zama.


The roar startled Zama.


In all these years, she had never seen Samuel treat her like that.


“I'm your mother!”


“Do you deserve it?” Samuel's eyes were red.


“If I had the choice, I would rather give you back my life than having such a mad mother!”


Samuel's words went straight to Zama’s chest like a knife.




“If you don’t stop Samuel today, you'll never see your wife and child again,’ she told Macon, shaking with anger.


Macon was in a dilemma, but he stopped Samuel.


“You know I have no choice.”


Samuel looked at Macon disappointedly, trying to say something, but finally said nothing.


Nicole wanted to come to them, but Petty stopped her.