Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 19 Are You Planning to Be My Friend?


Olivia saw the way Lucas narrowed his eyes, which was completely the same as how Samuel did that. She couldn't help sighing, but it also interrupted Lucas' thought.


"Ms. Kent?"


"Your mom is alright now. Dorïtt you worry. I will go get something to eat. Do not run around. I will stay here tonight to take care of your mom. I am going to send you back to have a rest first. Are you afraid?”


Olivia massaged Lucas' head and her heart hurt in a way.


This kid was very mature though at a young age. He had so many ideas in his mind, but he was a kid after all. Seeing his mother sick, he would also feel worried and panic. However, here is the hospital, there were bacteria everywhere. Now that Nicole got sick, Olivia had to take good care of Lucas.


"I am not afraid. Ms. Kent, please take good care of my mother.'


Lucas made a bow toward Olivia.


Such a courtesy scared Olivia.


"Kid, what are you doing? Your mom and l are best friends. Don't worry. l will definitely take good care of her. Be careful at home. Remember to lock the door, okay? Promise me never open the door no matter who knocks. Call me if anything happens."


Olivia was still a little concerned, but she had no choice but to have Lucas go home first so that she could feel relieved.


However, Lucas thought of another thing, so he did not disagree with this arrangement.


He nodded and said, "I know it. Ms. Kent, Don't worry. I can take care of myself."

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