Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 18 Mommy Gets a Fever

Zoe was also her child.

Back then, the god was nice to her. She gave birth to two kids, and it was a pair of twins.

Unfortunately, her daughter Zoe Bushis lung was hurt because of breathing in too much smoke. The poor child stayed in the incubator for several months since she was born.

The doctor said she might not be saved. It was Nicole's pleading and Allens power and financial foundation in America that kept Zoe alive.

Nevertheless, Zoe s kidney and other organs were failing congenitally, so she couldn't live a happy and healthy life like a normal kid did.

Three hundred and sixty-five days in a year, Zoe approximately spent three hundred days in the hospital. Her body was stick with tubes and her face pale the whole year. Nicole couldn't help hating Samuel more as she thought of this.

lf it was not him, how would the child be like this!

Now, Zoe was getting weaker and weaker each year, but no transplant kidney could be found. It was all because Zoe and Lucas' blood types were completely the same as Samuel, which was the Rh-negative trait.

The doctor said there was no other way except for transplanting the kidney of the relative with the same blood type. Yet, how would Samuel, a heartless person, donate his kidney voluntarily?

Back then, even though he clearly knew that she was pregnant with his baby, he still burnt her and her children to death cruelly, not to mention Saving Zoe.

The past hatred made Nicole impossible to bear this.

She had to let Samuel have a taste of the pain of being betrayed and hurt by his beloved. Finally, she would cut his chest open with her own hands and took his kidney out to save her daughter!

This was what he owed Zoe. He must pay it back!

covered by the immense hatred

was not easy for her to calm down, but she felt her body soaked with

and went to take a shower as she remembered the fire burns that

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the bed, bearing the thickly dotted needles piercing her skin as if she was back in the Íire five years ago.

clenched her teeth and didn't say a word

than four hours of tattooing. She even fainted halfway. The masters were worried, but Nicole

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and Olivia to go home after

some simple dishes. Suddenly, she felt top-heavy and

few years. She thought she caught a cold, so she went to find some pills to take. After that, she fell asleep on

and Olivia went home did not

"Mommy, mommy!"

searching for Nicole

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Kent, come quickly. Mommy got

and couldn't move Nicole at all, so he could only ask

heard what Lucas say, she scurried by and found Nicole's body red terribly. Worse still, her body

Lucas, call 911. Your mommy does not get a

pale as he

out the phone and dialed 911 with

that never streamed down. The way he looked

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