Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 17 I Support Whatever You Do

Riley quickly follòwed Samuel and kept begging all the way.

Nicole clenched her fists tightly as she heard their voice getting further and further.

Five years ago, when he betrayed her and their marriage, messing around with Riley. He was not as cold and heartless as now.

She still remembered when seeing them at the hospital. Samuel was so considerate to Riley and so ecstatic after knowing the fact that Riley was pregnant.

But now, he just threw away the woman that he used to like so much. Then what would the position of Nicole, his former wife, be in his heart?

Perhaps she had been wrong since the beginning. She should not fall in love with that man. He was a total coldblooded person like a rock that could never be heated.

Although this was something she had already known, Nicole's heart couldn't help hurting.

The hardships for the past five years appeared in her mind once again. Outside the burning fire was the bodyguard's cruel voice, saying that everything was Samuel's order. Even today she could still feel the utter desperation and coldness.

The only way for such a man to know what he used to do was heinous and unforgivable was to let him experience the deep pain of being betrayed by his beloved!

The light of hatred dashed from Nicole's eyes.

Her return was to have Samuel love her. She was looking forward to seeing the inconsolable look of Samuel at the end.

Nicole sat on the floor while leaning on the door. She couldn't recover from her thoughts and emotions for a long time until the phone rang.

Allen Brook that she met in

as she


and her voice was much

for her to meet Allen

ago, Allen passed by, saved her life, took her back and gave her a new identity and a new life. He even trained her to become a


when he heard

it going? Are you used to be back?

not want Nicole to go back, but he knew that the hatred in her heart was too deep. lf she wasnt alloồwed to come back and revenge, she would

some other reasons, which made Allen

Allers tender voice

took a deep breath, "Everything's fine. Samuel is suspicious on me now, but with your capacity, he probably can't find any clue useful. I will be careful. No need to

think you can't go on, you can come back anytime.

words moved Nicole more or

l must execute in person. What's more, we

both of them went

"Hows Zoe?"


just sleeps more and wants to find you and Lucas. Don't worry, l am here. Zoe will be

"Thanks, Allen."

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