Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 273: I'll Return the Favor to You One Day

Soseph had found that too, and she got into the tent immediately.


Nicole looked at her, and neither of them spoke to the other.


But Nicole's face became serious.


As the sound from outside got closer and closer, Samuel rushed back. Seeing the drone, he tried to knock it down with 

stones, but before he could do anything, the drone flew low in front of Samuel, and there was a piece of paper on it, which read, “Samuel, wait till I save you”


Samuel smiled at the childish letters.


That little boy!


Samuel took a direct shot at the drone, and it sped off in the distance.


Soseph was somewhat surprised to see this, and Nicole had already figured it out.


She opened the tent and came out.




“Yes, it seems that we can't stay here anylonger”


It could tell Samuel was in a good mood.


“Who's Lucas?”


Soseph had come out, asking. In her opinion, it would be nice to spend some time with Samuel, even if she could just say few 



Nicole's face went sour.


Nicole had laid her card on the table, but Soseph still stayed with them, which made her feel she could hardly bear it.


Samuel held Nicole in his arms and said, “That guy told us to wait for him. He'll be here soon”


As he spoke, he walked off to the side with Nicole, ignoring Soseph.


Soseph's brow furrowed, and a flicker of emotion passed under her eyes.


Not discouraged, she stepped forward and said, “Let me deal with this fish”


Samuel tossed the fish directly to Soseph.


Soseph failed to catch it, and the fish fell to the ground. Soseph looked eagerly at Samuel, but Samuel went right into the tent 

with Nicole in his arms.


Inside the tent, Nicole was somewhat distressed to see Soseph scrambling to catch fish, but didn't say anything.


“What? Do you think I've gone too far?”


How could Samuel not know what Nicole was thinking?


Nicole shook her head. “I have talked to her’ she said. “It's up to her to decide what to do”