Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 272: Do You Think I Am A Soft Touch?

Nicole suddenly found a determined flash in Soseph’s eyes, which made her heart beat.


Was she really wrong?


Did Soseph really have a crush on Samuel?


But didn't they know each other for a very short time?


Nicole felt unhappy.


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She could save Soseph, but it didn’t mean she was generous enough to give away her man. If 

she didn't know it, it would be fine. But since she knew Soseph's attempt, she felt disgusted as if she had eaten a fly.


“Soseph, are you awake? If you have nothing to do, you can take a sunbath here. My husband and I are tired. We're gonna inside”


Nicole kept smiling, but the smile didn’t reach the bottom of her eyes and a sense of alienation appeared in her eyes.


Sensing her change, Samuel didn't feel worried.


His woman was not that stupid. She had crisis awareness.


When he heard Nicole say so, he directly held her with his arms and got up. Without looking at Soseph, he passed by her.


Soseph froze there, which was different from her expectation.


She was regretful, but she didn’t say anything. She narrowed her eyes and took a seat where Samuel and Nicole sat before as if she was really taking a sunbath.


But nobody knew what she was thinking.


After Samuel and Nicole went into the tent, Nicole's face was gloomy.


Samuel smiled, “Are you feeling uncomfortable? Why are you so careless?”


“When did you find it?”


Nicole thought Samuel had found it earlier, but he didn't tell her.


The man was so bad. He let her being tricked by a young girl without warning her. He was an asshole.


“Tell me. Do you enjoy it? Do you feel it good to be liked by a girl of 18?”


Nicole’ words were jealousy.


Samuel said in an innocent voice, “Tell you what? You've seen my attitude towards her, but you complain about me now.’


“My mistake, huh?”


Nicole was angrier.


How to define herself?


A naive person who got into trouble through being softhearted to evil people?


She had a kind purpose, hoping to help women like Soseph to get rid of troublesome life. How did she know she find herself a