Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 262: Mistake Him as Someone Else

"Ah! Let me down! Vincent, how can you be in my room!?"


"Shut up!”


Even at this time, Nicole still thought of him as a Vincent. How helpless Samuel was.


"And you're mad at me? I am your sister-in-law! Nicole blew up.


What was wrong with Vincent?


Didn't he know that he should keep a distance from her?


Didn't he know Samuel would be jealous?


She struggled and even began to kick and punch him, oblivious to her pain and exhaustion.


She just had one thing in her heart. She couldn't let Vincent stay here. She couldn't let him keep holding her.


Nicole waved her arms and somehow slapped Samuel in the face, leaving both Samuel and Nicole stunned.


"Well, I didn't mean to do that, but you must let me down. I'm your sister-in-law." Nicole said weakly, with a look that made

Samuel angry.


"Shit!" He blurted out the swear word.


Nicole was definitely not normal. She could even force a man of high culture to swear.


But Nicole didn't feel that way.


"How can you swear? I'm your..."


Before Nicole could finish, Samuel threw her onto the bed. The next moment, he was on top of her, and before Nicole could

fight back, he quickly kissed on Nicole's lips.


Nicole felt her brain was totally stunned.


What was going on?


She was forcibly kissed by Vincent?


How could that be?


If Samuel found out about this, he would be mad!


Nicole struggled so hard that she even bit Samuel.


A faint smell of blood hung between their lips and teeth.


Samuel was so hurt that he had to let her go.


"Are you a dog?"


"How could you do this to me? Get the hell out of here!"


Nicole lifted her foot and kicked Samuel's crotch. It was so precise and made him scared.


Samuel narrowly avoided Nicole's attack, but Nicole picked up the vase from the table and smashed it right into Samuel's