Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 260: You Like Much Alike My Husband

"To have a surgery tomorrow?"


The news came as a complete surprise to Samuel.


Although he knew Zoe's situation was not good, he didn't expect it to get that bad.


"Zoe couldn't withstand such a long walk,’ Laurel signed, "I don't think Nicole would have let Zoe come back if not necessary. But now we can only do our best, right? The doctor said that it would be better to have the operation tomorrow. You are not in good health recently, so you need to have a rest. For Zoe's sake, and for your own, you'd better not go anywhere.’


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It wasn't that Laurel was forcing Samuel to have a rest. She was just offering her own advice.


Samuel thought for a moment and said, “Mom, I see, but I have to go out tonight. I promise you, I'll be back in the morning, and I'll have a good rest for a day or two, and then I will accompany Zoe.”


"Are you sure you'll be out tonight and back in the morning?”


Laurel didn't know what Samuel was going out for, but the situation was not good right now. They were all racing against the clock, and a lot of things didn't always go according to their plans.


Samuel fell silent.


He just wanted to see Nicole, to see if she was all right, and to make sure if she was there. If he didn't go to see her tonight, Samuel would feel uneasy and even lost.


But he was not sure whether he would meet other incidents and to come back tomorrow morning.


Whether he should go or not?


After Zoe's operation, she wouldn't be able to get out of bed for at least ten days.


Samuel didn't think he could live without seeing Nicole for ten days or a half.


He would not be relieved if he didn’t see her being fine, even though he knew she was fine.


His heart that wanted to see Nicole seemed to have grown wings and was about to fly out.


Samuel mused for a while and said, “Mom, I'll try to get back."


Since Samuel say so, Laurel did not persuade him.


"Well, be careful."


"Thanks, mom.’


Samuel turned around and was ready to leave, only to hear Lucas say, standing on the banister on the second floor, "You must come back tomorrow morning!"


Looking at his son's beautiful eyes, Samuel smiled and then turned away from the Green family.


Samuel left quietly. Few people noticed his, not even Jacob.


When he arrived at the base, Nicole wasn't there, and he went to Nicole's room, where there were signs that she had lived here.


The faint, distinctive aroma still seemed to float in the air.


Samuel went to the control room.


When they saw that Samuel was coming, they quickly got up, but Samuel stopped them.


"I want to see Nicole and Macon go inside the mountain.”


Their training facilities were equipped with tracking systems that could be seen on the computer.


The people in the control room quickly switched the screen.