Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 13 Don't Ask What You Shouldn't Ask


After Nicole left the Eternal Group, she hurriedly found a drugstore and bought some ice and anti-inflammatory drugs. Then she went back home.


It was lucky that Lucas went to the kindergarten with Olivia, otherwise, if her son saw her like this, god knows what he would ask.


Sometimes Nicole was thankful to the God, bringing her such an angel like Lucas during her most desperate time. Though he was young, yet he cared about her in every way.


Thinking of her son, Nicole s expression alleviated a lot.


When she reached home, she applied the ice to her face. She couldrït help narrowing her eyes with the cold feeling.


Why hadnt Riley become Ms. Green?


She was a person who had rendered outstanding service if she gave birth to a son for Samuel. Besides, Samuel had feeling for her. He would kill his wife for her, wouldn't he? But why hadn't he married her?


couldn't figure this out. She believed that she needed to investigate into this. Yet, she was not going to forgive Riley easily for slamming her in the face today. Since Samuel was dying to cooperate with the H'.J Group, he would definitely ask Riley to apologize. By then, even if Samuel was in front of her, she could still give a slam back


Bush five years ago had already died in


the scorching hotness and pain as fire burning on her skin. lt was so painful that she wished to end herself. lt was so heartbreaking and extremely desperate. She would not forget that feeling even if


would not forgive anyone who had given


her bedroom with half of the face covered. She didn't tell this to the head office. She just fell asleep while lying on the bed. dacob soon found out Riley's address and when he sent the address to Samuel,

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Bush, but also lived in the place where Nicole s best friend lived. Was there really nothing


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know all the information about


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smoked for a long long time, but today he desperately needed some nicotine to relieve

Even her friends were the same. Was it really a

really was Nicole Bush, why didn't she tell him? He

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