Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 258: Impulse Is the Devil

"You know where's your mommy?"


“Of course, what else did I ask you to come here?"


Lucas was getting naughty.


When he saw Samuel trying his best to bear it, he stopped teasing Samuel. It was fine to make fun of him sometimes, but if he really angered Samuel, Lucas was still a little scared.


Although Samuel looked a bit awkward now, Lucas didn’t dare laugh.


"Well, when mommy fell into the Back Sea, Finn got the news right away. Exactly, when Mummy was brought to the Brook Group by Allen, Finn knew about it.”


Hearing that, Samuel looked gloomy.


"Manager Finn of Fallen Angel Club?”


"Yes, he's the manager of the branch of Night Elf Empire in America, and he put a tracker on mommy so he and the headquarter could see where she went."


Lucas's words reminded Samuel of something.


"The headquarter? Oh, I have forgotten that you are the heir of the Night Elf Empire, and of course you knew more than I did. So, you knew what had happened to your mommy, but you kept it from me for so long, and make me so anxious?"


Samuel's voice was cold and Lucas sensed danger.


Lucas started back nervously.


"Well, Samuel, impulse is the devil! Calm down, calm down!"


"How the hell could I calm down?!"


Samuel was really angry this time.


He was so worried about Nicole but his son, who had looked on coldly like a passer-by, told him that it was all in the hands of the Night Elf Empire.


He hadn't been so angry in years, especially that the smelly kid who hid it from him was his son!


Samuel now knew what it felt like to be teased by a young boy.


He raised his feet and kicked Lucas.


"Samuel, take it easy. Listen to me.”


Lucas found that he was wrong.


How could he defeat Samuel?


Lucas turned around and ran.


"Stop! Brat!”


Samuel angrily ran after him.


Lucas was regretted now.