Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 12 Master of Hard-To-Get


"Maam, your eloquence is as talented and impressive as your designing skills.'


Samuel said lightly, but he still let go of her hand.


At a moment of a trance, he felt that there was a familiar aura around Nicole, which made him unable to suppress the urge to explore more.


However, Nicole snorted, "Mr. Green, you'd better take care of your family affairs first."


With that, she directly left the Eternal Group, but this time Samuel didn't stop her.


It wasn't until Riley saw Nicole leave the company that the former went up to Samuel and said agitatedly, "Sam, I didn't know that she's the co- designer of the company. lt was she who provoked me in the first place I....


"What are you doing here?”


Samuef's expression was as cold as the ice, which disturbed Riley even more.


”I notice that you didn't eat breakfast in the morning. I am worried that you might starve while at work, so I bring you something to eat. Sam, l didn't mean to do that. Please dont be mad at me!


Riley dragged Samuel's sleeve pitifully.


Samuel looked at her, and his sharp eyes almost crushed Riley.




"You started the fight?"


Riley's shrew-like expression when he just went out of the elevator. His


was about to retort, but she couldn't help swallowing when she faced Samuel's sharp


H`J Group in America, and she is the

care what method you will use to beg for her apology. Tomorrow morning, I hope she


saying that, Samuel


was shocked still and her face


am Joseph's mother. lf you kick me away, what about .Joseph? Sam, I was wrong.


Samuel's arm abruptly and


had been five


into the Green family successfully with .Josephs identity


attitude to her was


the latter,


wanted to be Samuel's wife instead of living in the


ignored her. No matter what she did, she couldnt get into Samuel's bedroom, not to mention his heart. Now that Samuel proposed to kick her out of the Green family, this was like a bolt from the blue to


Sam, please don't separate me from .Joseph! Did you forget that I almost died of excessive bleeding when giving


of this, what makes you think you're qualified to live in the


aura was emanated from Samuef's body,


Riley trembled.

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