Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 11 She's a Temptress


"Who am l? I'm the future president's wife of the Eternal Group! In warning you, stay away from Samuel. Emily, hurry up and call security to kick this woman out!”


Riley's voice was shrill.


“The future president's wife? That means you're not his wife yet. I have to remind you that I'm a very important person to Samuel. lf you kick me out now, i'm afraid you'll have to invite me back later.'


Nicole still said nonchalantly, but didn't bother to look at Riley again.


When had Riley ever been treated like this? With that, she flew into a rage.


"1 invite you back? In your dreams. Get out of here right away!"


Seeing Emily didn't move, she stepped forward with the intention of pushing Nicole, but didn't expect Nicole to directly turn her body sideways.


Riley was caught off guard, lost her balance and fell to the ground violently.


"Future presidents wife, be careful."


Nicole subconsciously reached out to help her up, but to Riley, it was just Nicole's sarcasm to her.


"Get the hell out of my wayl"


She slapped Nicole violently across the face.


The crisp slap sounded throughout the lobby.

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