Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 254: A Sliver of Clue

"I'll get someone on it immediately.”


Samuel suddenly turned excited.




For so many days, they haven't found Nicole's corpse. And there wasn’t even any corpse floating up, nor no rumor about corpses being salvaged. So where was Nicole?


No one would disappear from the world for no reason. If she survived, would she be rescued?


Samuel called Jacob hurriedly.


Just as Jacob fell asleep in a daze, he was woken up by Samuel's call. However, he simply sobered up without complaining.


"Mr. Green.”


"Check it if there were any ships passing by the area of the Back Sea the night Nicole disappeared?"

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A trace of excitement showed up in Samuel's voice.


Jacob immediately understood something.


"Yes, I'm on it!"


Seeing Samuel's swift and resolute response, Audrey finally got better.


"How long will it take us to get updated?”


“I'm not sure, but you can’t stand in the wind like this. So let's go back to wait in the car.”


Seeing her lips turn purple, Samuel was really afraid that something might happen to her.


This time, Audrey did not refuse.


She was a little frozen, especially when she lifted her feet.


Samuel did not say anything and directly carried Audrey to the car on his back.


There was a heating system in the car, so Samuel took out a kettle and handed it to Audrey.


"Have some hot water to get rid of the coldness. If there were any news about Nicole, we still have to hurry over.”




Audrey took over the kettle.


Then her phone rang up.


Audrey took a look at the phone and threw it out of the window.


Samuel frowned slightly, but asked no question.


Audrey smiled bitterly, "Dominic is actually not bad to me.”


"It’s a pity that you don’t have him in your heart.”


Samuel's words made Audrey smile bitterly again.


"Yes, I don't have him in my heart. In my whole life, I only have one man in my heart, but he left too early. All these years in the United States, I felt like I was a walking dead until I met Nicole. The child made me feel very comfortable and close the first time I saw her, so I brought her back even though I knew that this girl was very likely to be unidentified. I never thought that she would be my daughter who has been missing for more than twenty years.”


"Sometimes fate is so miraculous.”


Audrey looked at the darkness outside. She didn’t know what she was thinking. Perhaps she thought of Xander, or perhaps she thought of Nicole. In short, she was silent and didn't speak anymore.