Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 253: Won the World, Lost Her

“Can I go talk to him for a second?”


Allen said calmly, not having much hope. However, the people from the Procuratorate still nodded and let him go.


Samuel watched Allen walking towards him, his face was expressionless.


“Let my grandmother go. It has nothing to do with her."


His voice wasn't loud, but he knew that Samuel could hear it.


Samuel looked at him and sneered, "It has nothing to do with your grandmother? Does what happened between us have anything to do with Nicole? With my daughter Zoe? Have you ever thought of letting them go when you did those things?”

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"Samuel, you've already won. The Brooks destruction has fall on my head. What else do you want?"


Allen was a little angry.


If he had known that Samuel was so reckless, perhaps he would have thought twice before making any move, or at least he wouldn't have lost so miserably.


But Samuel sneered, "Do you think I won? Even if you gift the whole world to me, can you bring back Nicole? As long as you can bring her back in front of me now, not to mention you, I can even let go of the Brooks.”


There was a trace of grief in his voice.


Allen suddenly didn't know what to say.


If there were a second chance, perhaps he would let go and let Nicole pursue her own happiness. He just wanted to see her alive, leading a happy life. It would be much better.


“I apologize.”


However, his apology wasn't accepted.


"Go repent in the prison.”


Allen knew that Samuel was really angry this time. The Brooks was doomed, while Rachel ...


He sighed and left.


Seeing the Procuratorate’s car take Allen away, Samuel's eyes darkened. Nobody could figure out what he was thinking.


Jacob didn't dare to disturb Samuel, so he just waited quietly.


Samuel suddenly felt that life was meaningless again.


He had wiped out the Brooks, dealt with Allen, and even threw Charlotte into the sea. However, doing these things didn't make him feel less empty deep down.


He was thinking of Nicole like crazy.


Her smile, her move. He even started to have the hallucination that she was right around him, as if he could see her as long as he turned around.


However, when he turned around, he only saw an empty backseat.


Jacob saw all his loneliness, but didn’t know how to comfort him.


"Let's go back."


Samuel returned to the hospital.