Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 9 He Got an Expert


Samuel remembered there were only that boy and him in the toilet of airport.


He did not believe a boy of four or five years old to do it to him.


But who else did know it except the boy? Or was there someone unknown in the other rooms in the toilet?


Samuel had a frown.


Jacob felt pressures in the office with Samuel; he had to be better after unbuttoning some of his shirt.


Samuel started to ask, “Pick up Catherine?”


He went to the airport only to pick up Catherine, finally not making ¡t. In fact, he had not seen her before, so asked Jacob to hold a welcome board. Unluckily, even they did like this, nobody came to meet .Jacob there.


As Samuel changed to the new topic, Jacob answered him soon, “I heard Catherine has arrived; we might get there a little bit late or she did not take the flight as we know. Mr. Green, the designer is too arrogant to cooperate. She is just a designer who should be grateful for your pick-up in airport. But she did not meet you there...”


Samuel interrupted his talk and said angrily, “Go to stop the spread of the video! If I still watched it in five minutes, you would go deadl! Get out”


dacob stopped talking and ran out of the office.


Five minutes?


The hacker installed some trojans which had to take five minutes to remove. Samuel would be definitely mad with the result.