Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 250: You Don't Deserve to Be Nicole's Friend

Quickly leaving the Brook Group building, the guy hopped into a car and called Jacob instantly.


“Mr. Brown, breaking news!"




Jacob was all ears.


The guy whispered, “I just eavesdropped on the conversation between Allen and Charlotte. It seems that it was Miss Harrison who drove Mrs. Green to the Back Sea and tossed her into the water. Mrs. Green was still in a coma at that time.”


Hearing this, Jacob was stunned.


"I see.”


He hung up the phone and dashed towards the hospital.


Samuel, at the same time, was fighting with Mike like frenzied. He could think of nothing but to look for Nicole, and no matter what Mike said, he just wouldn't listen to it.


Blood had oozed out of the back of his hand as he pulled out the needle too violently before, but he didn't give it a damn. His bloodshot eyes revealed that he hadn't got enough rest for along time.


He didn’t dare to close his eyes. He couldn't. Because every time he closed his eyes, he would see Nicole lying in a pool of blood with her eyes wide open in grudge, asking why he didn't save her.


"Sam, stop it. You'll die if you keep being like this, do you know?"


Mike had never seen him so crazy.


Samuel still ignored him and insisted on jumping into the sea to look for her.


This was what Jacob saw when he arrived.


The corners of his eyes were a little wet.


This scene looked so familiar. Five years ago, it was just like this - Samuel wished he could throw himself into the fire by her side. Now, Nicole was in the deep sea. How could he possibly bear it?


Jacob hurried Samuel and whispered, "Mr. Green, I’ve found out who did this."




Samuel's eyes suddenly turned frosty.


Mike also frowned slightly.


He was so afraid of hearing Viola's name, but right now, there was nothing he could do.


Jacob stared at Samuel and whispered, “It’s Charlotte Harrison. Our source in the Brook Group confirmed that Charlotte had admitted it herself in Allen’s office that she drove Mrs. Green to the Back Sea and tossed her into the water. Mrs. Green was in a coma before.”


"Charlotte Harrison?"


Samuel's eyes were perishing as he murmured the name.


At the moment, Viola ran in, crying.