Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 8 Show Privacy to the Public

“Nicole, Come, come to see! It's so funny! lt ¡s really what he deserved!”

Olivia said and then burst into laughter; leaving the toilet, Lucas had a frown with hearing her laughing.

He said, “Please be quiet! You are a lady. Can you be well-behaved? You are already twenty-right years old; no wonder nobody would like to marry you.”

What Lucas said irritated Olivia. She said, “Boy, what are you talking about? Stop! Or I will teach you how to be disciplined.”

Olivia was aggressive to be ready to beat him.

Lucas had a look at her with despise and then walked to Nicole, but unexpectedly, he turned to smile and said, “Mommy, let me do it. You can have a break in the living room.”

Lucas served the meals prepared by Nicole on the table and got the dinnerware ready.

Seeing what Lucas was doing, Olivia was not so aggressive as just now.

She said, “Considering you are serving me the meal, I forgive you.”

“Hey, you are just happy with eating here without giving a hand. Are you a teacher?”

Lucas irritated Olivia one more time.

Olivia yelled, “Do you remember this is my home?”

But Lucas said, “l pay you rental, so you will pay us for food?” Then he looked at her with contempt.

Now Olivia was getting mad and could not say anything to refute Lucas.