Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1679 You Are Reconciled

Olivia and Jacob had a moment of tenderness in the room for a while. Until they heard the sound of the helicopter, they ran out subconsciously. They saw Nicole standing on the open ground and looking at the helicopter going away in the sky, with her eyes heavy.

“What’s wrong? What happened?”

“Nothing, let Trevin go around. After all, this is not a domestic place. The situation is changing rapidly, and here are all wounded. I have to ensure their safety.”

At this time, Nicole didn’t want Olivia to know anything. After all, she is pregnant now, and it would be nice for her to be able to guard Jacob to have a peaceful life. If possible, Nicole wants them to return homeland.

Back homeland?

Nicole suddenly felt that this path could be taken.

The wounded were now stagnant here because some of the wounded are not suitable for moving. Additionally, the place was previously sealed off. Now the descendants of the Close family were eager for the wounded to return to their homeland, so taking this opportunity to send the wounded away may be a good thing.

Trevin asked her to stay because of the wounded, but what if the wounded were gone?

Nicole patted Olivia on the shoulder, smiled and said, “You are really my lucky star.”


Olivia couldn’t figure it out and didn’t know that her words made Nicole happy. In short, seeing Nicole’s happy face, she felt much more comfortable.

“I told you, I and Jacob...”

“I see, you are reconciled.”

Nicole’s words made Olivia understand immediately.

“Okay, you eavesdrop on our talk! Nicole, how can you eavesdrop on the wall? You are Mrs. Green! Pay attention to your identity, OK?”

She was going to scratch Nicole, but Nicole avoided her.

“Where am I eavesdropping? Your domineering voice is heard all over the corridor, I am just listening, okay?”