Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 6 Who Was This Boy?


Lucas glanced at Samuel's direction after saying that. Nicole felt her heart skip a beat.


“Boys shouldn't stare at boys even if the other person is handsome. Let's go.”


Nicole lowered her body and picked Lucas up.


There was a hint of dejection in Lucas's eyes when he found Nicole wasn't willing to elaborate more on the matter.


He put his small arms around Nicole's neck and said playfully, “Well, I was just looking for a man for you, mommy.”


“Cheeky child. Don't stick your nose into the adults matter. I came back this time to ask Olivia to get you a place at the kindergarten. You'll start your schooling there. I feel more at ease knowing that Olivia is watching over you.”


Nicole walked out with Lucas on her arms. Her hands were trembling ever so slightly.


Why did Lucas think Samuel is good looking just now?


They looked rather alike as father and son, but the fact that Samuel caught Lucas's eyes so quickly made Nicole a bit worried.


He was her son, her son that she risked everything to give birth to. It had nothing to do with Samuell


She wouldn't let Samuel snatch her child away from her.