Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1607 It Was She Who Came to Jacob Actively

‘Julissa Caldwell!’ Jacob’s inner voice roared out this name.

Jacob wasn’t a fool. Thinking of those video clips, he naturally could figure out what had happened exactly.

Originally, he had thought that Julissa just needed more money and she probably would aim for the position of Mrs. Brown so she would do something extreme. However, he had never expected that she would play dirty tricks to harm Olivia.

Under the circumstance that Olivia wouldn’t face any life risks, Jacob had been tolerant. He wanted to punish Julissa after the baby’s birth. However, Julissa was so bold that she wanted to kill Olivia and become his second wife.

Jacob wondered what Olivia felt at that time.

He repeatedly watched the last video clip. Olivia was squatting down there like a dumped puppy. She kept weeping and laughing, just like a lunatic.

He couldn’t help but recall the first time when he carried Olivia on his back to walk from the cemetery to the bottom of the hill. Back then, he felt sorry for her a lot because he had seen how lonely and helpless she was in the cemetery. His heart was softened and his nose went sore for her.

At that time, it was someone else who had bullied Olivia, and Jacob was just a passer-by. He disdained the man who had bullied Olivia to the extreme. But, how about now?

Olivia was still lonely and helpless, but it was Jacob who had harmed her.

Even he hadn’t done anything in person, it was caused by his neglect and inaction.

How much he had despised the man at that time, how much he was despising himself now. He even wished that he would kill himself.

No wonder Olivia wanted to divorce him.

Jacob believed that if he were Olivia, he wouldn’t need such a marriage either, and nor would he continue living on with such a bastard.

Samuel’s harsh method worked amazingly.