Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 239: Because of Your Relationship with the Dons

Nicole was so happy that she hurriedly put down her chopsticks and went upstairs. She picked out a dress from the clothes that Audrey bought for her and put it on.


It had to be said that Audrey had a good taste. This dress was in an ink painting style, and it fit Nicole perfectly with a trace of artistic charm.


She looked at herself in the mirror and felt that she no longer looked like herself.


When Nicole went downstairs, Audrey's eyes lit up. She found Nicole attractive.


“You are so beautiful.”


“Thank you. Auntie Audrey, you really have a good taste in clothes.”


Nicole complimented her generously.


Audrey smiled, “Can you drive?”




“Let's go.”


Audrey gave Nicole a handbag. There was also a phone that Audrey had prepared for her. Nicole was deeply moved at the sight of it.


“Auntie Audrey, why are you so kind to me?"


Nicole didn’t think a woman would not do this just out of pure kindness, so she couldn't help but ask.


Audrey paused for a moment and said, “Because of your relationship with the Dons.”


Nicole was frozen again by the sentence.


Was this an indirect admission that Audrey knew the Dons?


“Auntie Audrey, you and the Dons...”


“Let's talk about it later. We have to leave now.”


Audrey obviously didn’t want to talk about it.


Nicole tactfully stopped asking and followed Audrey out of the villa.


Over the past few days, she was suffocated. Now that she was out in the fresh air, Nicole felt as if she had been reborn.


Seeing her breathing heavily, Audrey couldn't help but laugh.


“You really look like a child.”




Nicole smiled embarrassedly and quickly got on the car.


She found Audrey's car expensive.


Nicole did not say anything. She checked and started the car.


“Auntie Audrey, where are we going?”


“The embassy.”


Audrey's words struck Nicole.




“Don't you know the way?”


Audrey glanced at Nicole and thought that she didn't know the way. Nicole shook her head and said, “Yes, I know.”


She didn't ask any further, but she felt that Audrey was a woman with a story.