Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 3 Could It Be a Coincidence?


Nicole Bush! Catherine's real name was actually Nicole Bush? Samuel's eyes flashed a touch of light. “Do we have Catherines picture?”


“No, the H`J Group protects Catherines privacy well. I've used every method but still failed to get her picture. I heard that she's a very beautiful and attractive woman." lt was inconceivable to Jacob that a sports car designer who had caused a sensation throughout the world was actually a woman. And it turned out she was also a beauty! That was slightly illogical. Why would a woman be interested in sports car?


Yet Samuel did not ponder about Jacob's question. He stared at the name on the document for a good long time with his eyes slightly narrowed. Nobody could tell what he was feeling. He knocked the surface of the table subconsciously with his fingers in a rhythmic way, making the atmosphere in the office slightly serious. “Mr. Green...