Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 235: I'm Not That Fragile

Nicole hurriedly lowered her head but failed to conceal the shock in her heart.


How could it be her?


Audrey was very similar to the woman in the photo she took from the Dons!


She suddenly remembered Viola's family photo.


Could this woman be Viola's mother?


It couldn't be so coincidental, right?

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Nicole felt troubled and uneasy.


Audrey asked curiously, "Ms. Nicole, do you know me?”


“Oh, no, I don't. I just saw your picture in Viola's family photo. So, I was a little surprised.”


Nicole said with a smile.


Audrey frowned slightly when she heard the name of Viola.


"I see. Are you and Viola friends?"


“Not really. I met her at the sanatorium. There was a small conflict between us.”


Nicole didn't want to be friends with Viola.


That woman swore to rob her of a man. How could she make friends with her? Unless she was out of her mind!


Audrey, however, did not care much. She said, “You are injured. I know a thing or two about it and bandaged it up for you. This place is remote, so the doctors seldom come over. If you

mind it, you'd better hurry up to the hospital.”


“Thank you for saving me. How can I repay you?"


“Never mind. I like to be quiet as well as create things alone. So, from time to time, I will come over for drawing. There's food in the refrigerator in the kitchen. If you're hungry, feel free to make food. Don't worry about me. I'm a freak mostly.”


With that, Audrey walked out.


She was really a freak.


Nicole said to herself. She was indeed hungry. Now, it was a bit pretentious to say that she needed no food. Besides, she had no place to go now.


She followed Audrey out of the dark room and saw her go straight to the bedroom.


“Mrs. Yate, are you going to rest? I'll make some food. Why don't you go to bed after having it?”


She could tell that Audrey was quite sleepy, so she asked.


Audrey paused for a moment, then turned around and said to Nicole, "I'm not married. You can call me Ms. Shaw or Auntie Audrey.”


“Ah? Aren't you Viola's mother?"


Nicole was puzzled.