Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 225: Are You Threatening Me?

It was Charlotte!


It was Charlotte's phone number!


Nicole's hand trembled slightly.


Recently, she argued with Samuel for Charlotte, but now she received her call.


Why didn’t she answer it just now?


Or was there any connection?


Nicole watched the news reported on TV, and a bad idea came to her mind.


Did Charlotte do this to help Allen?


Was it all planned by Allen?


As Nicole thought this, her phone kept ringing.


She had no choice but to take a deep breath and suppressed all her emotions before answering the phone.


“Nicole, help! Help me”


Charlotte's voice came from the other end of the phone.


At this time, Nicole no longer felt nervous and worried as before.


She stared at Allen's sorry status on the TV, but an inexplicable emotion flashed through his eyes.


Nicole did not understand, but she felt that it might have something to do with Allen.


“Charlotte, where are you?”


Nicole's voice was terrifyingly calm. This caused Charlotte to be stunned for a moment, but she returned to her frightened 

voice, “I don't know, could you help me?I'm scared!”


“Why did you escape?”


Nicole did not ask about her situation, but asked such a question.


Charlotte started crying.


“Nicole, what's wrong with you? What do you mean? I was captured. I was suddenly attacked at home and fainted. When I 

woke up, I was here. I don’t know where here is, and it's dark. I'm so scared”


Charlotte's words had no flaws, but why was it such a coincidence?


When Samuel was looking for Charlotte to find out her parents’ disappearance, she was taken away?


“Charlotte, we're friends, aren't we?”


Nicole's words made Charlotte become speechless because of astonishment.


“Of course.”