Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 222: Is This How You Repay Me?

When Viola said those words, everyone was stunned.


Nicole looked unpleasant.


Samuel was her husband, but now, someone announced to pursue Samuel in front of Nicole. Nicole immediately had an 

embarrassed expression.


“Viola, I think there might be some misunderstandings:’

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“Don't bother with that. Nicole, I didn’t expect you to be so lucky. However, I have taken a fancy to this man. I don't care what 

relationship you have. From now on, I will pursue him!”


Viola said with great determination.


Zoe burst into tears when she heard this.


“You are a bad woman. Daddy is mine! You are not allowed to take Daddy from me!”


She hugged Samuel tightly and disliked Viola, who appeared from nowhere.


Viola looked at Zoe coldly and said, “I'm not robbing you. Why are you nervous? Don't worry. I’m not interested in you”


Zoe cried with a howling sound.


“Daddy, I don't like this bad woman. Let her go!”


Zoe hugged Samuel and cried.


Samuel looked angry.


“Viola, please get out!”


“I haven't finished talking to Nicole yet. I.”


“F**k off!”


Samuel's voice was suddenly low. It was extremely depressing as if the wind howled a storm was to approach. Even Joseph 

couldn't help but shiver.


That was so terrifying!


The original daddy is back!


He subconsciously grabbed Nicole's hand.


Nicole was also a little scared.


Samuel rarely had such bad manners, but Viola hit his bottom line.


Zoe was their sweetheart. Not only did Viola treat Zoe badly, Viola even declared a war on Nicole, wanting to be a home 

wrecker. This was unbearable.


Viola was also shocked.


No one had dared to talk to her that way since she was young. However, she was only stunned for a short time before she 

said with excitement, “Wow, you are so masculine! I like it!”


Nicole was speechless with an awkward expression again.


“Viola, what do you want to say to me? You can come out to tell me”


She pulled Viola's hand and almost pulled her out.


Joseph was afraid that something would happen to Nicole, so he wanted to follow her, but was pushed back by Nicole.


Zoe cried sadly. Samuel could not go out for help even if he wanted to. He soon squatted to comfort Zoe.


After Viola was pulled out by Nicole, she shook off Nicole's hand.


“Don't touch me! You hypocritical woman!”


Nicole felt that her good intentions were repaid with a false countercharge.


If it weren't for her sympathy for Viola's disfigured face, Nicole wouldn't have told Viola Charlotte's address. Who would have thought that Viola could make such a mess? For a moment, Nicole felt that she was causing herself trouble.


“No matter what you think, the address and phone number I gave you are all true. As for why Charlotte didn't treat your face, that's Charlotte's business. I don't have much to talk to you. From now on, there's no need for us to contact anymore.”


After saying that, Nicole turned around and left.


Viola stopped her.


“What do you mean? You kept investigating me in the sanatorium and treated me like a suspect. Did you do all of these on purpose? Tell me, is it that you have noticed me a long time ago? Did you want me to make a fool of myself?”


Nicole was puzzled by Viola’s words.


“Viola, I don’t know what kind of person you are, but as I said earlier, I really want to help you. As for why Charlotte didn't help you, how would I know?"


“Come on, if what you said is true, call Charlotte now. If she says she knows you, then I won't cause you any trouble”


Nicole was a little depressed by Viola’s words, but after thinking about it, she didn’t have anything to fear about. Nicole took out her phone and called Charlotte.


But after she dialed the familiar number, she heard the notification that the line was busy. In the end, no one answered. In fact, the call was hung up as soon as Nicole called.


This was not that Charlotte used to do as far as Nicole concerned!