Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 221: Is It Fun for You to Make Fun of Me?

Nicole felt that she had become a shameless person. How could she allow Samuel to kiss her on such an occasion? Moreover, the previous incident was still influencing Zoe. Zoe could not see it again.


Thinking of this, Nicole hurriedly pushed Samuel away.


“Stop messing around. Zoe will be out soon.’


She whispered, afraid that the two children inside would hear her.


However, Samuel whispered, “What are you afraid of? There's still a while before they go out.”



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Nicole didn't want to embarrass herself.


However, Samuel couldn't let her go.


While they were still kissing, Joseph coughed and pretended to be mature, “Last time, Grandma seemed to say that you guys shouldn't do something in front of us, right?”


Hearing that, Nicole bushed.


Samuel glared at him fiercely, but Joseph didn't care at all.


“Zoe is about to come out.”


Zoe was threatening Samuel.


Samuel felt that he had lost his authority, and was threatened by a little kid. Moreover, this little kid used to be afraid of him.


This was too depressing.


Nicole didn't care what Samuel was thinking. Now, she was afraid that Zoe would have a negative opinion of her. This child had strong possessiveness towards Samuel. Maybe it was because Zoe had longed for paternal love since she was little. She finally got it. In this way, Zoe wished Samuel could be her exclusive. Even her mother shouldn't bother them.


Seeing that Nicole cared so much, Samuel did not have the impulse just now.


He tidied up Nicole's clothes before turning around to prepare tableware for them.


Nicole heaved a sigh of relief, but she was a little disappointed.


She looked at Samuel, who seemed as usual. However, her legs were weak and her cheeks were red. It seemed that she was the only one who was affected,which gave her complicated feeling.


Nicole was a little confused. Perhaps after Samuel confessed his emotions, she had also become pretentious and wanted more from him.


She shook her head, intending to clear her mind. Just at that time, Nicole saw Zoe coming out. Right away, Zoe turned to look towards Samuel.


Seeing that Samuel was placing her chopsticks, she happily ran towards Samuel.


“Daddy, I can do it myself”


Zoe ran over from Nicole's side without even looking at her.


Nicole had a huge psychological gap.


This girl completely ignored her now, didn’t she?


Samuel held up Zoe and put her on his lap. He smiled and said, “What do you want to eat? Daddy will pick it up for you”


“Was this all cooked by Daddy?”