Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 216: Can I See Your Phone Again



Viola was caught off guard by Zoe, so she subconsciously raised her hand to slap her.


“No! Zoe!”


Nicole reacted quickly as she hugged Zoe while Viola waved her hand to Zoe.


Therefore, in the end, Viola slapped Nicole in the face. And it was so clear and resounding.

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Both of them were stunned.


Viola did not know that she would actually do it, and so coincidentally slapped Nicole in the face. As for Nicole, she was simply 



The Greens’ bodyguards and the security guards of the sanatorium saw this and had a nervous confrontation with each other.


“I didn't mean to”


Viola’s palm got numb. Obviously, that slap was really heavy.


But Nicole just looked at her and whispered, “Can I take a look at your phone again?”


This sentence made Viola speechless. All her anger had now turned into helplessness.


“Come on, girl. Why do you think of me as a kidnapper? You can't suspect me just because I'm disfigured, right?”


“I just want to take a look at your phone”


Nicole was very persistent.


Now, Zoe could tell that it was her mother who had been pestering Viola.


She gently tugged at Nicole's sleeve and whispered, “Mommy, why do you have to look at her phone?”


Nicole was unable to answer Zoe's question, and Viola obviously wanted to know the reason too. However, because she had 

slapped Nicole earlier, she was a little depressed and handed over her phone.


“Hey, just to remind you: you can see everything on it, but you can't do anything”


After saying that, she gave her phone to Nicole as if it was very precious.


Nicole took it over and started browsing the phone quickly, especially the photos. She really wanted to find some clues from the phone. And she also wanted to find some photos of her parents.


Unfortunately, there was nothing.


Nicole flipped through the photos. And suddenly one photo caught her attention.


There was a woman sitting in the sunshine in that photo. She looked melancholy, which made people feel pity for her. 


However, this was not something that surprised Nicole. What surprised her was that this woman looked very similar to the woman in the photo she took from  Xander's painting garden.


“Who is this woman?”


Nicole asked.


Viola glanced at the photo and said, “My mother!”


“Your mother?”




Viola nodded and said proudly, "My mom is pretty, right? She was gorgeous when she was young. And she's just a little old