Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 204: I Recognized You, Nicole

"Thanks, mom."


Nicole thought Laurel understood her.


"Pay attention to Allen who is very powerful in U.S. Don't offends him temporarily.”


Laurel told about Allen without hesitation. Maybe Laurel had already known the relationship between Nicole and Allen.


Nicole nodded and then returned to the sickroom.


Jacob had prepared the clothes for Nicole to go out. She changed the hospital gown down.


She actually lost a lot of weight.


The clothes she used to wear were even bigger.


Nicole gave a sigh and coiled up her long hair. Then, she wore a casual suit and went out.


Jacob personally drove, directly took her to Fallen Paradise Club.


When she came here again, her mood was obviously different.


She had come in as someone who had been sold, but now she changed to another identity. She felt a little dreamy.


George was surprised when he saw Nicole.


"Why are you back? You are not being..."


"Get out!”


Jacob directly stood between George and Nicole, blocking George's hands.


George disappeared for a long time. But when the situation got better, he came back again. Unexpectedly, it was his first time 

he saw Nicole when he came back. However, Nicole's identity was obviously not the same as before.


Although he did not know why Nicole was not the person of Allen, he looked Jacob and felt dangerous. He hurriedly stepped back and said, “Don't misunderstand. I may have recognized the wrong person."


"Yes, you did.’


Nicole said indifferently. And George suddenly realized something.


"Yes, I made a mistake. Sir, Miss, please come in.”


Under the leading of George, Jacob and Nicole came in Fallen Paradise Club.


Here is Paradise. As long as you have money and you are open-minded, there are various projects you would like to try.


The deafening music made Nicole uncomfortable.


She slightly frowned and said, "Find a private room for us and let your manager come over.’


George answered and hurriedly found his manager.


When Jacob looked around the surrounding environment, he slightly frowned.


"Mrs. Green, it is too messy here. You must not run around for a while.”