Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 202: She Deserved It

Samuel couldn't help it when he saw Nicole so shy.


He lowered his head and bit Nicole's earlobe hard.


“Ah! It hurts!”


Not only was the pain, but there was a tingling sensation that Nicole could not resist, and she knew it was too bold to do that thing here.


If anyone should pass by, wouldn't she just die of shame?


Nicole's small and soft hands pushed Samuel and she said, "Why are you so bad? I just came to see you.”


"I thought you were here to have me eat you.”


Samuel's voice was hoarse and he didn't move back, but instead drove Nicole to the wall.


Behind her was the glass table, in front was Samuel who stared at Nicole like a wolf, making her feel excited but at the same time shy and embarrassed.


"Don't be ridiculous, I just... Well..."


Before Nicole could finish her words, Samuel again pressed his lips against hers.


This time, she never spoke again, leaving Samuel to sail the love boat with her in the adult romance sea.


When all the emotions exploded, Nicole let out a groan, and then fell into Samuel's arms.


Her clothes were untidy, but Samuel had not changed much.


Nicole threw herself into his arms and said, “It's all your fault, you beast.”


"Yes, lam a beast.”


When satisfied, Samuel was very easy to deal with, sticking to the principle that whatever his wife said was right, even if she was wrong. He sorted out her hair.


Nicole was sweating and exhausted, and Samuel picked her up, dressed her, and started walking outside.


Nicole became a little nervous.


"Don't go out. Someone might be passing by."


Won't she feel disgraced then?


Samuel smiled and said, "That's all right. I'll have them closed their eyes.”




Nicole hit him coquettishly with her soft fist.


Let everybody close their eyes. Then everybody would know what they'd been doing in the kitchenette.


Samuel's chest heaved. He was apparently smirking, and Nicole bit him in the neck with anger.


She did it to punish his evilness, so she didn't bite hard on him, and Samuel didn't care about it. Nicole's strength was like a kitten’s bite, except that the place she bit was wet and itchy.


"If you don't let up, I'll take you to the room. It just so happened that I haven't had much enjoyment just now.’


Samuel whispered threateningly.