Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1442 Don't Pretend to Be Kind

Cara was stunned.

Laurence was calculating the time, wasn't he? Or was he waiting outside to get his clothes?

No, something was wrong.

Didn't he walk away?

Cara's expression was extremely complicated. Laurence smiled unnoticeably.

"What? You can't bear to give it to me?"

"No. Go find a servant to do this for you. I'm not your servant and not responsible for washing your clothes."

Cara hurriedly stuffed Laurence's clothes into his embrace. She was about to close the door when she found that Laurence's foot was stuck in her door.

She frowned slightly.

"What are you doing?"

"If you don't wash it for me, will you wish clothes for someone else?"

His clear voice sounded indifferent as usual, but it made Cara a little angry.

"No one will wash it for you. Scram!"

She gave Laurence a push. But she found that Laurence seemed to be fixed there, not moving at all.

"I'm closing the door. If you don't leave, don't blame me for hurting your foot."

At this moment, Cara was like an angry cat. She was about to burst into rage, but Laurence didn't care.

"I didn't stop you from closing the door."

His expression showed that he was certain that Cara was reluctant to hurt him.

Stimulated by his gaze, Cara pushed the door up with anger but stopped when she felt his resistance.

"What exactly are you doing?"

Cara was on the verge of going crazy.

Laurence said indifferently, "There are a few female students in the Night Elf Empire. Come and help guide their movements."

"I'm not from the Night Elf Empire. Why should I do that? Besides, how can I play tricks before you people from the Night Elf Empire?"

Cara felt that Laurence was here to find her fault.

However, Laurence said very seriously, "Not many people can train with me on the island for such a long time. I am certain you are capable of this. If it's because of your position, I'll talk to Mrs. Green. I assure you that you will be the instructor of the Night Elf Empire."

"Don't tell Mrs. Green. I will go with you."

When Cara heard that Laurence was going to find Nicole, she hesitated.

Nicole was so kind to her. It was an easy job for her to guide the female students. She would be too embarrassed if Laurence bothered Nicole for giving her an order for such a small matter.

However, Cara muttered, "It was simpler when you were training me on the island. Didn't you say that there was no difference between men and women in training? Why do you talk about averting suspicion now?"

Laurence's eyes turned a little cold. The invisible majesty instantly frightened Cara so much that she didn't dare to speak casually anymore.

She reluctantly followed Laurence to the Night Elf Empire Training Base.

Not everyone could come in here.

When everyone saw Laurence bring in a young girl, they couldn't help but be stunned. The man was rather interested, but the woman had a trace of hostility.