Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 197: Night Elf Empire

Nicole could see something from Laurel's eyes, and she seemed to guess something. Nicole was so smart that made Laurel smile in relief.


She patted Nicole on the back of her hand and whispered, "This is what the mistress of the Green Family should have. Keep it. A lot of people swear by it.”


"A lot of people? For example, ..”


“See how anxious you are.”


Laurel sighed and gave the box to Nicole.


Nicole opened it up, and it was an old ring with a totem that seemed to have a different meaning, with an earthiness and yet a dignity around it.


"It's a pair of rings. This one here is the mistress's ring, and Samuel has another, but he never takes it out. The reason I didn't give it to you five years ago was because I didn't know how long you r relationship Samuel would last. At that time, you liked my son so much. As a mother, I am proud and gratified, but as the mistress of the Green Family, I feel guilty because I don't know if you are suitable for my son.’


Laurel was speaking freely now.


Nicole might have been upset with these words before, but now that she had been through so much, she didn’t care about much. She knew that what Laurel was going to say to her was probably a secret to the Green Family and that might be the secret she had been trying to find but she couldn't.


“Does mother think I'm good enough now?"


“It's not that you're unqualified, it's Samuel's approval of you. Samuel once told me about Lucas, and for you and Lucas, he even wants to give up the identity of the Green Family. He only wants to stay with you and children. This kind of renunciation made me understand Samuel's heart. He has been a man of few words. Vincent, on the other hand, is the opposite. He tells everything. He leads a free and easy life, and then he walks away free and easy.’


Speaking of Vincent, Mrs. Green's eyes were wet.


The loss of a child in middle age was too much for anyone to bear.


Nicole hadn't seen Vincent, and she didn’t say anything about him, but she could see that Samuel and Laurel were missing him very much.


“Mother, the dead can't live again. Don't be sad.”


"What if I tell you Vincent isn't dead yet?”


Laurel's words startled Nicole.