Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 196: To Be the Mistress of the Green Family

"How's Mrs. Green, Doctor?” Jacob asked at once.


The doctor looked from Jacob to Nicole, but Samuel was not there, and for a moment he hesitated.


"Where's Mr. Green?”


"He's resting,’ Nicole whispered. "I'm his wife Nicole and Laurel's daughter-in-law. You could tell me, doctor.”


“Yes, yes, this is our lady. You could tell her.’


Jacob hastened to agree.


The doctor, who knew Jacob and naturally believed him, said in a low voice, "Miss, let's go to the office and have a talk.”


"My mother-in-law...”


"Fine for the moment.”


The doctor's words were a relief to Nicole.


The two men entered the office one after the other.


As the door of the office closed, the doctor sighed and said, "Miss, Mrs. Green is in a bad condition.


“What exactly happened?”


Nicole was more or less prepared, but she was not at ease when she heard this. She had little contact with Laurel, but this time, she felt that this woman was very wise and kind. No matter what her previous attitude was, she was really nice to Zoe.


The doctor sighed and handed over Laurel's healthy report.


"Mrs. Green's health was not so good when she was young, and I don't know what happened then. She may have taken a lot of folk prescriptions, which is not approved by doctors. After all, many medicines in folk prescriptions are toxic, which will make people collapse after years of taking-in. Moreover, I have examined Mrs. Green's body carefully, and found that apart from the room toxicity in the folk prescription, there is other toxicity that has been surrounding her. Although it has improved in

recent years, it still hurts her in the core"


"Can it be treated?"


Now Nicole understood what it was. Laurel's body could have been tampered with just like Joseph's.


She wanted to know now if there was any way Laurel would get better.


The doctor shook his head and said, "It's too late."


“What do you mean?”


"Mrs. Green's health is not good. Now look here.”


The doctor pointed to Mrs. Green's X-ray picture and said, "She's got cancer here, and it's already spread around the body, and it's advanced.”


"Is this advanced liver cancer?” Nicole froze.


The doctor nodded.