Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 184: Everything Will Be All Right Tomorrow

After solving Zoe's problem temporarily, Laurel had finished her examination, but her report had not come out until the next day. Samuel had to wait.


Laurel, however, did not upset at all, as if she did not think there was anything wrong with her body, which made Samuel somewhat doubtful.


When Mike called him, Samuel was having dinner with the children. When he heard Mike asking for him, he greeted Laurel and the children and then went out.


Mike met Samuel at a recreation club.


"Have you come?”


Mike sat in the booth and didn't make much of a fuss about Samuel's arrival, leaving Samuel to pick up whatever he wanted.


People around them knew Samuel's status when they saw Mike's attitude. Mike must the one who would do anything for Samuel.


"Let me introduce to you. These are my friends who are currently working with the Brook Family. Who do you want to start with?”


Mike waited for Samuel to sit down and then spoke.


Samuel suddenly thought it was nice to have such a good friend. Mike had already guessed something before he had said anything.


"I'll do it myself, but I do need your help. I don't want to owe the others anything.”


Samuel walked over to Mike and sat down.


When Mike heard this from Samuel, he dismissed everyone.


When there were only two people left in the room, Mike poured Samuel a glass of wine and said, "I heard you doubt the doctor's diagnosis at our hospital?”


"No, but I do not know how to do, so I simply ask the experts to come and see.”


Samuel did have some pressure on this matter.


Michael and Samuel were best friends. Mike was once saved by Samuel on the battlefield. Since they retired, they had been in contact. Samuel originally planned to come to the United States to explore the business, but before the implementation, Nicole was in danger, so he did not have much energy to focus on job and he ran aground.


He didn't expect to need Mike's help this time.


"Time flies. We've been retired for so many years.”


Mike missed those days in the army, but he still had to retire.


"Yes, that eventful time has gone forever.’


Samuel missed it, too, but he knew that one should go forward and look forward.


After the two of them touched their glasses, Mike asked, "What's wrong with you and Allen? Why did he do that to you?”


"I hate him for taking my wife and wants to kill my child.”


Samuel's eyes shone with hate.


“What dd you mean?”


Mike had no ideas of what he said. Samuel told him about Nicole, and by the way, about Zoe's illness over the years.


After hearing what Samuel said, Mike swore fiercely, "What a bastard! What does it matter to a child if there is a feud between adults? How can he target on a child?"


“All I want to do now is to save my wife. I've lost a son. I can't afford to lose my wife."


Samuel now felt sad when he thought of Lucas.