Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 180: The Green Family Was a Real Pain in the Neck

Samuel could not understand what was going on, but now it was not the time to think about it. He put the questions behind him for the moment, and began to concentrate on his evening talk about the Brook family.


He found the original structure map near the house Allen bought.


Samuel found that there was a leak in the air vent here, so he could get in. He sent Jacob a message in the evening, asking him to take good care of Laurel and the children and then he went to the place not far from Allen's house by himself.


The Brook family looked like a city that never slept with bright lights everywhere, but it was strange that Allen didn't go out all day.


Samuel looked at the surveillance video he had installed in the dark and thought it was strange.


It was said that Allen had been so dedicated to his work that he even used the office as his home for several days and nights. But now he did not go to the group for several days, as strange.


Moreover, the day he began to be closed to the house was the day when the auction of Fallen Paradise Club was completed, and if there was not any correlation between it, Samuel would not believe it.


He found the original vent and quickly crawled in.


It was very damp, and the air vents were so cold that it was unbearable, but Samuel didn't have any feeling of it.


He went to Allen's house with the map in his head.


Allen was sitting on the sofa drinking tea, holding a photograph in his hand. His eyes narrowed as he saw a woman who looked very similar to Nicole five years ago.


Could it be a picture of Nicole?


But the clothes didn't look like modern clothes. Was it five years ago when Nicole went to take old pictures?


Samuel was a little confused.


Allen sighed, placed the photo on the coffee table, and backed up to meditate.


A secretary next to him whispered, "Mr. Allen, where did you get this picture? Isn't that what Miss Bush looked like five years ago? How can it come back? I remember destroying all the pictures.’'


"It's not her. It's a picture of a woman who looks very similar to her."


Allen turned and frowned. "That's what I found on her. She didn't lose it even when she was in the Fallen Paradise Club. She kept it close to her. If it isn't someone


important to her, how could she keep it so close to her?"


"Could it have been shot by Miss Bush before?”


"No, it's old and it is already yellow at the edges. It must be old. The woman in this photo does look a bit like Nicole, but if you look closely, their eyes and eyebrows are different. They are not the same one.’


When Samuel heard Allen say this, he felt angry and jealous.


Allen remembered so well what Nicole looked like five years ago, so Samuel would never believe that he could forget that Nicole was dating another woman.


The secretary got a little confused and said, "Mr. Allen, today I found out someone checked your personal account again.”