Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 175: Does Mr. Brook Have a Loved One?

Nicole's words made Allen glower.


“Don't even think about it!”


Allen angrily stuffed the food into Nicole's mouth, no sign of gentleness at all.


Nicole tried her best to dodge, but in the end, Allen still managed to stuff a few mouthfuls in Nicole. Just as Allen thought he was successful, Nicole began retching.




She threw up the food she had just eaten, even including bile.


Allen grew sullen seeing her like this.


“Have the family doctor come over and give her the IV.”


Allen gave the order coldly, and then he looked at Nicole. “You have not yet paid off what you owe me. Don't think you can 

just die. Nicole, let me tell you, Samuel and Zoe are matched, and the surgery is about to happen soon. If you don't cooperate with me, Samuel would die on the operating table and Zoe would also be buried. Do you want to see me do this?”


His voice was very gentle, but it made Nicole's eyes suddenly widen.


“Allen, are you kidding? Zoe is the child you have been protecting for five years!”


"So what? I love her so much and treated her so well. I even put aside all my work to spend time with her, but did you know? When she knew that Samuel was her father, she ignored me. She completely ignored my existence. This is the child I have cared about for five years! Sure enough, it's not the same when it comes to the biological father. But it’s okay, we will have children of our own in the future, and I will love her more.”


Allen smiled longingly, but Nicole's heart was bleeding.


Why did things turn out this way?


Why did he become like this?


Now she really hoped that someone would come and help her escape.


She wanted to see her daughter and Samuel!


She couldn't die here, no!


“Allen, can you let me see Zoe? I just want to take one look at her, okay? Let me see her!”


Nicole never begged Allen like this.


For the past five years, he respected her. No matter what she wanted to do, Allen would let her and support her. What happened now?


Allen coaxed her as if she was a child. “It's not impossible for you to see her. I can even take you to see her surgery. But you have to eat well.”


“lll eat, I'll eat! I'll eat now!”


Nicole nodded quickly in order to see her daughter and leave here.


Seeing that she had compromised, Allen smiled and touched her head. “Good. This is what my favourite girl looks like.”


He brought the food, and then fed it to Nicole bit by bit.


Nicole's stomach was resistant.


She felt a burst of nausea coming up, but when she saw Allen's eyes, she forced it down.