Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 174: There Is Only Me in Your Life

This was the first time Nicole ever saw Allen get angry.


He was no longer gentle, no longer like a spring breeze. He even appeared terrifying. The low air pressure around him seemed to have decreased the temperature quite a bit, making Nicole feel very depressed.


Nicole looked at Allen blankly and suddenly felt that he was very, very unfamiliar.


“Allen, what's the matter with you? You watched Lucas grow up since he was a child. Now we don't know whether he is alive or dead. Aren't you worried?”


“What am I worried about? He is the son of you and Samuel, not you and I. Nicole, why can you be so cruel? Don't you know how I have treated you in five years? My grandma came to propose a marriage and didn't care if you brought in two children who were not from the Brook Family. You refused. What did you tell me before going back? You said you went back to cure Zoe's illness. You said you went back to get revenge on Samuel. You said that you want Samuel to suffer, but what about now? You keep talking about Samuel and you are thinking of taking the children back to him and living with him, right?”


Allen asked Nicole sharply. The anger in his eyes flared as if it could burn everything in this world.


Nicole felt ashamed and whispered. “What happened five years ago wasn't because of him. He didn't know anything. It was also very hard for him the past five years.”


“It was hard for him? Wasn't it hard for me? Don't you know what I gave up for you? I treated Lucas and Zoe like my own children. What else do you want me to do? You didn't tell me that you returned to reconnect with Samuel. I investigated. That brat Lucas also accepted Samuel, right? I was so kind to him and I mentored him, but in the end what I did couldn't compare with the short few months he spent with his biological father.”


Allen felt a little bit lonely.


Nicole also felt sorry for Allen, but what could she do about these things?


Blood kinship wasn’t something anyone could sever.


Lucas and Samuel were originally father and son, and the mutual attachment between them wouldn't change with the passage of time.


“Allen, I know that I owe you. I have wasted five years of your youth. No matter what you want me to do in the future, I will agree. But let me go back now, okay? You know, Lucas is as important as my life. If I can’t find Lucas, I won't ever be free from worries for my entire life!”


“You don't have to look. Lucas is dead. Your and Samuel's son is dead!”


Allen suddenly let out a low growl, but it struck Nicole like a thunderbolt.


“What are you talking about? What are you talking about?”


“I said Lucas is dead! He was killed by Riley! Joseph is Riley's biological son, but he spoke up for you and Lucas. Riley killed 

Lucas in a fit of anger and threw him into the sea to feed the fish. Samuel had people try to rescue him, but he wasn't found. The son between you and him is dead!”


Allen was like a cold-blooded emperor at this time as he spoke coldly about this cruel reality.


Nicole thought he was joking, but his eyes were so serious. The sadness that flashed through his eyes wasn't something that could be faked.


She could only feel shock.


“No! My Lucas will not die! He is only four years old. He is so smart. How could he die?”


Nicole struggled and roared, but she couldn't escape.