Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 173: Everything I Did Was for You

“From now on, you better pray that Nicole will come back safely, otherwise...”


Samuel didn't finish his sentence, but it shocked Zama a lot.


“Why? She's just a woman! Besides, didn't you not love her five years ago? She was the one who initially went up to you. The woman you liked originally wasn't her, right? She got plastic surgery and was more good-looking than before, so you came to like her? This kind of like is superficial!”


Zama yelled and refused to accept what happened.


Samuel turned to look at her and spoke word by word. “I didn't know how to love five years ago, and I thought I didn’t love her. When I knew she was pregnant with my baby, do you have any idea how happy I was? When I knew she was buried in the flames, did you know I almost followed her? Some love may be love at first sight, but there is also a kind of love that grows gradually. My heart isn't made of iron. She waits for me to return home every night. When I was drunk, she took care of me. I don't know when it started, but I started to like having her follow my footsteps and I started to like seeing her. As long as I can see her, I feel at peace and I feel happy being alive.”


“I knew that there was something fishy about the fire that took her away five years ago, but I couldn't find out. I always feel that there was someone interfering with me, but I didn’t know how to investigate. If it weren't to investigate what happened these past five years, I might have been gone. But what I didn't expect what that you are the one who planned all this! Maybe the fire five years ago also had something to do with you, right? You were so good to her five years ago and I always thought you liked her, but why are you so cruel now? Why?”


Zama almost couldn't bear Samuel's questions.


“Everything I did was for you. You didn't love her five years ago, but she kept coming after you. What can I do? I could only help you get rid of her, but she was deeply in love with you. If I made her leave, she would definitely come back to pester you! And at that time, Riley was pregnant with Vincent's child. That child was Vincent's last child. For that child, I couldn't let Nicole become the young madam of the Green Family!”


Zama's words made Samuel's heart hurt.


So this was the truth.


So he was the one who harmed Nicole and the children!


Samuel laughed loudly.

"This is your love for me and Vincent! But what right did you have? Just because you are our nanny doesn't mean you can make decisions for us. You are just a nanny, are not our mother! Even our mother doesn't interfere with our affairs. Who do you think you are?”


Samuel didn't want to talk so hurtfully, but he couldn't help it.


The way that Zama thought surprised him.


She claimed that she was being good to him and Vincent, but who did she think she was?


Zama was shocked by Samuel's words. Her face turned pale and her body faltered.


“Who do you think you are? Samuel, let me tell you, without me, you and Vincent wouldn't exist!”


“You take yourself too seriously. I don't have time to talk to you. Jacob, take her away and keep a close guard on her. If it doesn’t work, then send her to the Don Family and have Jason help us guard her. Find out who from the Green Family is her subordinate. Also, book me a ticket to America. I need to fly to American soon!”


After Samuel spoke coldly, he turned and left.


Jacob quickly came in and took control of Zama.


Zama still struggled.


“You can't go! Are you crazy? Your body is already this way, how can you go to America? Even if you do go there, that woman won't be clean anymore. What do you want a dirty woman for?”


With a "bang", Samuel's fist passed by Zama's ear, hitting the wall behind her. Bright red blood oozed from his fingers.