Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 171: There Is a Better Way



Both Samuel and Jason were very surprised, and even quickly went to Tim's side.


Tim wanted to take this news alone, and then find Nicole by himself, but he wasn't allowed to.


“You let me go first! Samuel! You are strangling me to death.”


Before Tim finished his words, Samuel already grabbed onto his collar and almost pulled him up from the ground.


Jason knew Samuel almost went crazy looking for Nicole recently. Plus, he just learned about the relationship between Nicole and Samuel, so he naturally understood Samuel at this time.


“Samuel, you let go of Tim first. Since he brought the news, he would tell us. Don't actually strangle him to death. We won't get any news if that happens.”


Jason's words made Samuel a little relaxed, but he still felt very anxious.


Tim rubbed his neck and spoke. “Samuel, you are a crazy. If I knew you are going to be like this, I wouldn't tell you her news. I 

would've went looking for her by myself, and then the beauty would've been mine.”


“Do you want to die?”


Samuel was like the dragon who was dormant at this time. Even if he was capable of everything, he had no choice but to listen to Tim yammer away.


“What's the point of screaming at me? I'm telling you, you are the one who lost the beauty, and the one who sold her was your nanny!”


“What did you say?”


Samuel was stunned, as if he was struck by lightning.


He thought about many possibilities, but not that Nicole would be trafficked. He thought it was impossible.


No matter how much Zama hated Nicole, she shouldn't do anything like that, right?


But now when he heard what Tim said, Samuel almost couldn't stand straight.


Jason frowned as well.


“Tell us clearly, what is going on?”


“I heard from my bros who are involved with this kind of thing. They said that someone trafficked people in a ship a few days 

ago and went abroad. One of them saw Catherine. She was in a coma and was taken to the ship by Zama. Now I only know that the ship went to an uninhabited island to transfer to somewhere else. As for where it ended up, no one knows. It’s said that the women there are sold to places all over the world and will become the locals’ toys according to the rules of the black market.”


As he told them about these things, he didn't feel very well about it.


He liked Nicole, and even felt that Nicole gave him the peaceful feel that he had always wanted. He could almost imagine 

what she would have to endure when she was sold abroad as a weak woman.


That beauty would never be pure and clean again. Her hands and feet might even be severed.


As soon as he thought of this possibility, Tim felt furious and couldn't wait to kill Samuel, who was in front of him.