Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 170: Thank You More Than I Can Say

Samuel was speechless.


What was more depressing than having worked so hard for so many years, but only paving way for others?


What's more, this person was also the closest person he ever thought, and even his mother protected him inexplicably.


He did not understand that even if his mother didn't like Nicole, Lucas was her grandson after all. Why was his mother so calm and indifferent to Lucas’ disappearance?


In Samuel's memory, his mother was not a cold-blooded and merciless person. But why was all this?


It seemed that only Zama could give him an answer. But Zama had disappeared and Samuel could find no clues as to the whereabouts of her.


Suddenly, everything seemed to have lost all the clues.


On the surface, the fire five years ago seemed to have been ordered by Riley. There might even be Swift's advice and Zac's execution. But now, it seemed that the truth was far more than what Samuel saw on the surface.


Zac was brought back from the orphanage by Samuel when he was a child. Samuel trained with him and they grew up 

together. They were like brothers. Zac had never disobeyed Samuel. But why did he betray Samuel in Nicole's affairs?


Samuel remembered when Zac was with him, Zama would make Zac and Petty something to eat sometimes.


At that time, Samuel only thought that Zama was kind-hearted and could treat orphans so kindly. But now, when he thought 

about it, Samuel guessed that Zama was courting them by this way.