Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 168: The DNA Did Not Match

Samuel left with the man.


Allen quickly took out some money and asked the man nearby, "What's going on?"


When the man saw the money quickly told Allen what had happened.


Hearing that it wasn't for Nicole that the man came here, Allen was relieved.


Was Lucas really dead?


Allen had a slight ache in his heart.


After all, he had seen the child growing up, whom he had called him godfather for four years, but when thinking of Nicole, 


Allen decided to ignore the pain and walked away as if he knew nothing.


He only wanted Lucas.


Maybe when Lucas was dead, Nicole would be his.


Didn't Nicole go back because she wanted to give her children a biological father?


Now that Zoe had Samuel donated his kidney to her, there might be a good chance that things would go well for her. Or if the operation didn’t work out, Zoe would pass away.


If Lucas and Zoe were gone, why would Nicole want to stay with Samuel?


With this thought in mind, Allen abandoned his conscience and booked the original private room, waiting for the dawn and bidding.


Samuel may as well be taken out. As long as Samuel was not here, and as long as he could bid for Nicole, Nicole would be with him forever.


Allen was still worried. He kept coming out all night to check on Samuel. When he saw that Samuel didn't come back, Allen was relieved.


Samuel had followed the man out of the Fallen Paradise Club, and the man had led him down a side street, which seemed to have some vicious mind.


He didn't care, though in it was in the United States, he was not easy to be knocked down.


Sure enough, deep down the alley, there were four or five men waiting for him, as if they had made an appointment.


The man sneered and said,” Boy, you'd better let go of me and take out the valuable things on your body, or we would do anything to you!


Samuel snorted, "Where is your fellow countryman?”