Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1135 Samuel Wouldn't Lie to Her

Was he really coming in?

Nicole tugged at the quilt, feeling very sad and conflicted.

She just ate some junk food behind his back.

Why was he so cautious about that?

At worst, she would just confess.

Thinking of this, Nicole lifted the quilt and was about to get the door when Samuel suddenly opened it.

"Hi, Samuel."

Nicole immediately said with a complaisant smile.

Seeing his wife's smile, Samuel felt a lump in his throat, not knowing what to say.

He didn't want to upset her, but he had to talk with her about Lucas.

Samuel's ignorance and complicated gaze panicked Nicole.

"I wasn't really angry with you just now. I know that it is normal for a man to watch adult videos. Alright, I have to admit that I was pretending. I asked Wendy to buy some junk food for me. I was afraid that you wouldn't let me eat it, so I took this opportunity to make a fuss. In fact, I just want some junk food. I've already confessed. Will you forgive me?"

Her words stunned Samuel.


Junk food?

Samuel frowned.

"You are not in a condition for it."

"I know, but I just can't help it. I promise you I won't eat it anymore. Please stop frowning. I'm scared."

Nicole blinked her big eyes and looked at Samuel.

Samuel sighed and said, "Nicole, I have something to tell you."

"I know that you must be very disappointed and angry. I'm really sorry. I promise I won't eat it anymore. I know that you're saying this for my own good."

Nicole hurriedly apologized.

Turning around and closing the door, Samuel came to Nicole's side and took her into his arms.

shocked by

far just because I know you adore me. I will never

You're my wife. Your such performance just shows your care for me.

placed his chin on Nicole's


snacks, but what was the matter with


is wrong with

about Lucas.

would be worried, sad, and couldn't help feeling

better to

paused, then pushed Samuel away and asked very seriously, "What did you just say? I don't seem to hear you

like before. She was now a mother

adult video,"


subconsciously refused

you look at the adult video. Why did you frame Lucas up? How old is he? He's only four years old. How can you tell me that he's

shocked by his

that. That was why he didn't tell Nicole the truth at first. But now, Samuel had to comfort her when he saw that Nicole got so emotional after her

emotional. It is very important. I've asked Wendy to bring all the servants out to buy some goods for the New Year. Now I can only make a long story short. Can you hear me out before

Samuel's seriousness, Nicole's heart

she have the courage to face it. However, Samuel wouldn't lie to her. In addition, Samuel paid so much attention to this matter, so Nicole

under too much pressure after the shooting, but he

"What does that mean?"


put, Lucas created himself another personality under


Nicole was stunned.

it was very difficult for her to accept it. At first, it was also hard for him, too. But now, everything was water under the bridge. He could only face

he closed his eyes. Saying nothing about it, he acted very normally before us. He even investigated the translation of the ancient book online, making all of us think that he had recovered from that incident. In fact, he developed a second personality to withstand the pressure and

his second personality took the opportunity to run out and sent me the adult video. Fortunately, it allowed us to

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was so sad to hear

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sensible, she really rarely paid

incident in South Africa, she thought that Blair would

not expect that Lucas would

unconscious for a while, which probably worried Lucas a

personality couldn't suppress the second, no

nothing she could do. They could only face the problem and resolve it, which

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