Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 167: Fallen Paradise Club, A Cash-burning Place

Thinking of Nicole and Lucas were no longer in S City, Samuel panicked completely.


The world was so big that where he could find them once they left S City.


If it was really as Allen said that Nicole was trafficked to the remote mountains...


Samuel dreaded to think about it.


Jacob was a little shocked, but also a little overwhelmed.


"Mr. Green, what do you mean? You mean your wife and Master Lucas might have been sold out of S City by traffickers?”


"I want you to find it out!”


Samuel roared, and coughed violently.


Jacob agreed quickly, and then hung up.


It sounded like Samuel coughed up a lung.


He finally stopped coughing, but he couldn't calm down.




Nicole would not be sold!


But where was she at this moment?


Where was Lucas?


Samuel had no idea.


He came outside and met a little nurse.


The little nurse liked Samuel very much, but she could see that this man had a lot of worries. Now seeing him sitting on the 

steps alone, the little nurse came over and said,