Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1134 You're a Doctor. Not a God

Hearing this, Maddie froze.

When Blair saw this, he knew Samuel was right about it.

After the hypnosis, Blair was very tired, so he went into the bedroom to eat something, but he didn't expect something went wrong during this period.

Blair said guiltily, "I'm sorry. I'm a little tired after the hypnosis, so I went to eat something, but I didn't expect this."

"I don't blame you."

Samuel was not unreasonable, and he knew Blair was very guilty now.

Samuel looked at Maddie and asked, "What did Lucas do?"

Maddie looked at Blair. Blair hurriedly said, "I am her interpreter. Maddie has learned to read our lips these days, but she still needs an interpreter."

"No problem."

Samuel did not look down on her at all, so Maddie heaved a sigh of relief.

"Not long after Lucas was hypnotized, Dad went out. Lucas suddenly sat up and rolled up his sleeves. He had a nice bracelet on his wrist. I thought it was inconvenient for him to wear a bracelet, so I wanted to take it off, but he pushed me away and took it off himself. That bracelet was very strange. He touched somewhere and the bracelet split. There was a strong light shooting out of it. Then, a computer screen appeared on the opposite wall and it was just a shadow. There was also a keyboard's shadow on his quilt. He typed something that I couldn't read on the keyboard. When I decided to ask him what he was doing, he gave a strange smile, put away his bracelet and lay down until you came."

Hearing Maddie's words, Samuel and Blair figured out what happened.

"It was 3D projection light sensing virtual laptop."

Samuel nodded.

A hacker would carry his computer everywhere. However, Lucas had a special identity and it was too noticeable for him to do this, so the military equipped him with a 3D projection light sensing virtual laptop. To put it bluntly, it was a high-tech product. This kind of laptop was operated by the sensing of light and the touch of human's body temperature.

Hearing this, Samuel was sure that it was Lucas who sent this video to him.

To be exact, Lucas' second personality did it.

However, he was very young, why did he send such a video to Samuel?

Did it mean that Lucas' second personality was a playboy or a randy boy?

Thinking of this, Samuel was a little scared and worried.

He was not angry at all. Instead, he was overwhelmed by anxiety and worry.

Blair also looked solemn.

It indicated that his hypnosis failed.

Lucas' self-regulation system produced his second personality to alleviate the sequelae of killing someone. It was bad and very dangerous.

"Samuel, I'm sorry. I...."

"There's no need to apologize. You're a doctor rather than a god. No one expected Lucas to be like this. Let's keep this a secret for the time being. I'll go back and discuss it with Nicole. I have to leave Lucas here with you for a few days. Don't tell him this. At least don't tell him for now."

Samuel said in a frustrated tone.

"No problem."

Blair nodded.

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'Will Lucas be okay?'

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What a shame!

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