Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1123 It Was Because of Samuel

Samuel had to manage to control his desire. After all, Nicole was not very well.

Nicole was stunned for a moment because Samuel did nothing to her, but she could feel his body was tense and shivering.


Samuel sighed and hugged her tightly in his arms. He whispered, "Not now. You need a few days to recover."

Nicole's face turned red.

She almost forgot how weak she was.

Then they kissed and touched each other for a while. Nicole looked much better than yesterday.

She wanted to go out for a walk. Ashley agreed because she thought it was good for Nicole to have some fresh air. Moreover, she missed her child. So she gave Nicole a full body check-up and left.

Nicole went to the back garden with Samuel.

They could only see white snow in the garden because it was snowing these days.

Samuel tightened her coat.

Nicole let her little face out and smiled, "In ancient times, it was said that emperors planted wintersweet for their beloved concubines. Do you want to plant some for me?"


Samuel agreed at once.

"I mean you do it in person."

"No problem."

Samuel was doting.

It made Nicole thought that if she said she wanted the stars in the sky Samuel would agree to get them.

She beamed with satisfaction.

Nicole leaned against Samuel's arms and whispered, "They won't grow because it's winter now. You can do it in the following spring, then we can enjoy the blossoms together next winter."


Samuel agreed all his wife's requests.

Nicole was so happy that she felt it was like an illusion.

Seeing Nicole was tired, Samuel asked with a soft voice, "How about I get you back on your bed?"

"No, I like here. It makes me feel like I'm still alive."

These words were heartbreaking for Samuel.

"Viola is dead."

Samuel knew Nicole still deeply cared about that even though she had never asked him.

Indeed, Nicole paused for a moment, but she didn't say a word.

Nicole had tried to get along with Viola but failed as Viola became wicked and obstinate.

Nicole moved in Samuel's arms and said with emotion, "I've been left alone. My father, my mother and my sister all passed away. I must be a jinx if I were in ancient times."

"Totally nonsense."

Edwin's voice came from behind, stunning Samuel and Nicole.

Nicole wanted to get up, but Edwin stopped her.

"Stay here. You're so weak. Weaker than an old man like me."


Nicole was depressed.

But Edwin laughed.

But it means

was somewhat


showed great respect


help. Nicole was about to walk in,

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out a box. Steve gave

"Grandpa, what is it?"

Nicole asked curiously.

"Open it."


got Nicole on the sofa. Her nose was a little red from the cold, which made her

box and was

It was a ginseng!

However, Samuel's expression changed.

over a hundred

was out of supply in

Nicole was confused.

as he heard their conversation just as he

observed. After sniffing it, he smiled, "It's a good thing. It can make Mommy stronger. But you can't overeat.

get a knowledgeable man here. Tell us,

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and said, "It can be four to five hundred

he finished speaking, Nicole was

five hundred years? Grandfather, this is precious. I can't take

you saying? That's why I give it to you. It's unsuitable for an old man like me. It would be wasted

smile, but Nicole's



Edwin sighed.

was left. No matter

Samuel also felt emotional.

the ginseng. He pulled on Samuel's sleeve and whispered, "Daddy, it is really

"Alright. I promise."

to things related to medicine, Joseph was so excited that

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"Good day, great-grandpa."

Are you on

felt he was acting like a calm

Lucas nodded.

I'm going to go to Blair's place. Bye,


someone take Lucas

left, Joseph whispered, "I'll get


Zac took Joseph away.

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With Nicole here, Edwin felt at ease even if

looked outside and found it was snowing. Thinking of his empty house, Edwin sighed, "New Year is coming. Why not come to my place and stay for a few days until the

had been alone

afraid of being quiet when he was


can't get him live with you after his

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