Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1120 I'm in Trouble

"Daddy, what's wrong?"

The two children thought of Nicole at first.

But Samuel just waved his hand and said, "It's fine. Your mommy is awake and wants some food."

"Then this is..."

Joseph was still confused, but he was dragged away by Lucas.

"Let's go. Don't disturb dad to cook."


Still in Confusion, Joseph was dragged away by Lucas.

Samuel was so happy now.

Nicole woke up, but she said she was hungry. Ashley said it was normal, and it would be better for Nicole to have some light food.

So, Samuel prepared the food by himself.

Since his wife had suffered so much, he had to do something for her.

At this moment, Lucas brought Joseph to Nicole's bedroom.

Seeing Nicole was okay, Lucas' eyes became a little moist.

"Mommy, how do you feel?"

"Much better."

Nicole was extremely weak. Just as she heard Ashley complimenting Joseph, she saw her sons walk in.

She looked at the two children and smiled, "Come here and let Mommy see you."

Having narrowly escaped death, Nicole felt very lucky.

Who would have thought that Joseph saved her, given that Joseph just learned medical skills for a very short time?

Lucas and Joseph came to Nicole's bedside.

Ashley was very observant. Seeing that Nicole wanted to talk to the children, she left the room.

Nicole knew that Lucas must be frightened.

She held Lucas' hand and smiled, "Mommy is alright now. Be good and go back to the Hawk family tomorrow to continue the psychological counseling. When you are worried about Mommy, Mommy are also worried about you. You must have been scared during this period of time. I'm sorry, my baby."

"No, I'm sure Mommy will be fine."

Lucas did not admit that he was worried.

Seeing that her son was still firm about it, Nicole didn't say anything.

She turned to look at Joseph.

As always, Joseph did not say much, and in front of Lucas, Joseph did his best to reduce his sense of existence, but it was because of this that Nicole felt sorrier towards him.

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Joseph walked over.

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Joseph replied obediently.

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