Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1118 It's Not Poisoning

Her pregnancy embarrassed everyone.

Since Samuel had a vasectomy not long ago, it was impossible for Nicole to get pregnant. Absolutely impossible.

Ashley and Gabrielle were somewhat worried about Nicole's health. Having another child might put Nicole in danger. Both her unborn child and her would die. Besides, whether she was pregnant or not should be confirmed by some testing like a B-ultrasound.

But Nicole was very excited.

"Am I really pregnant?"

Her eyes lit up.

Realizing that she had eaten a great amount of food recently and was still vomiting, weren't these symptoms of pregnancy?

Just as Nicole was happy, Blair came.

"Nicole, you were poisoned not long ago. Even if you are really pregnant, you can't keep this child. Besides, you haven't been diagnosed yet. Your health condition recently is quite concerning. Pregnancy now is not good news for you."

Hearing that, Nicole's face immediately blanched, and a trace of worry flashed through Samuel's eyes.

Samuel took a step forward and held Nicole's hand. He said softly, "Nicole, I only care about you."

Nicole felt upset.

She really wanted to give birth to another child for Samuel, but if the child worried everyone, she would give up.

Nicole nodded with a trace of sadness flashing through her eyes.

"Do a B-ultrasound first. Perhaps it's because of the poison."

Ashley couldn't help but feel sad when she saw Nicole.

As a pregnant woman, Gabrielle fully understood Nicole's feelings.

Nicole nodded, but she still had some expectations.

Samuel held Nicole's hand and accompanied her to do B-ultrasound.

The B-ultrasound results showed that she was not pregnant.

It made Nicole disappointed.

Ashley and Gabrielle were a little anxious

Not pregnant!

Most likely, it was an after-effect of the poison.

With that, everyone's face fell.

Nicole was disappointed, but seeing everyone's glum face, she smiled and said, "Don't worry. I am not pregnant? I am fine. Don't be sad."

Samuel couldn't tell how he felt.

The last thing he wanted to see was the current situation. At this moment, he had a feeling of powerlessness and he was unable to calm down.

Ashley and Gabrielle performed another physical examination on Nicole, but they still didn't find the cause.

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"Is there a cure?"

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