Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1115 Adults Should Pay for Their Mistakes

"We'll talk about this later."

Tim did not satisfy Evelyn's vanity. Instead, he said, "Evelyn."

"Yes?" Evelyn answered.

"You are pretty."

Tim suddenly turned around and smiled.

Evelyn got lost in Tim's smile.


Before she could finish speaking, she felt a pain in the back of her neck and lost consciousness.

Evelyn was still smiling.

Tim then became serious, put Evelyn in the car, and took her to a safe place. He told his man to take good care of her, and then drove back to the slum.

However, Tim looked annoyed.

He followed the address given by Fernanda and walked into the slum.

It was almost the New Year. But this area was still depressed. The unpleasant smell was suppressed by the snow as if a plot was hidden deeply in heart.

Tim had worn a long face.

He arrived at Fernanda's home.

The house could be considered a nice place in the slum.

Tim knocked on the door and could hear Fernanda's voice.

"Come in."

When Tim opened the door and entered, he noticed a strong medicinal smell filling the entire room.

It was no exaggeration to describe the family destitute.

Fernanda was serving a middle-aged woman to take medicine.

The woman was paralyzed.

"Hi. Take a seat please. I'll finish in a moment."

Fernanda blushed when she saw Tim. However, she felt embarrassed after she finished speaking. There was actually no place for Tim to sit.

"Sorry, I..."

"Who is she?"

Tim looked at the old woman. Obviously, the woman seemed depressed. After taking the medicine, she laid down with the help of Fernanda.

Fernanda tucked a blanket around her before turning around to look at Tim.

This man was handsome. Fernanda could feel both her heartbeat and blood flow become fast just by looking at Tim.

Evelyn always said that Fernanda was fond of Tim. Tim never cared. He knew that many women liked him. He once thought that Fernanda was doing this out of gratitude. But now he didn't think so.

If Fernanda wasn't here, Tim might still have some goodwill towards her. But since she was here, Tim went straight to the point.

"Where is my mother?" Tim asked.

Fernanda was stunned.

you talking about?"

me what the poison is and the method to cure Nicole. I'll keep you safe. Second, tell me where my mother is


talk to

and always spoke softly to her.

'Was it Evelyn?'


be that

But she said with innocence, "I really don't know what you're

and my schedules. I don't believe that a poor

was impossible for Fernanda to pretend to

believe me, do you? Or you knew

in Fernanda's eyes. She

feel any

thought you needed the money. But I didn't expect the result. I don't know your real identity. I just know this slum. I've answered

Fernanda felt painful.

this what she got after falling

accept the

She was discontented!

who had once behaved

be Martha's stooge. To know

medication. She would rather take several jobs than getting money from Martha. She helped Martha just because she wanted

done so much, Tim and Evelyn got married in the

she accept

hands tightly. She bit her lip and asked word by word, "Do you want

"Tell me."


up her courage and said, "I want

to get yourself

Tim became furious.

you really think I

of what Evelyn

did tell him that Fernanda had a crush on

Indeed, women understand women!

bit strength could get

was the second time she was

first time was when Tim sponsored

prince charming. In order to stand beside him, she did everything she

her to look at Tim from a close distance.

had a great


her mother, her

tightening his grip around her neck and she almost couldn't breathe, Fernanda still felt

how to cure Nicole.


suddenly put on a

But Fernanda was fearless.

kiss. I'll tell you. Just

She modified her demands.

that I can't find out the cure without you?

"Am I?"

Fernanda smiled bitterly.

'Yes, I am naïve.'

how could I fall in love with such a

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