Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1113 I'll Keep You Alive

Lucas did not care what Viola thought of him, nor did he care whether she was afraid or not.

The moment she decided to set Nicole up, she was doomed.

Though he was young, he had fired a gun and killed lives. He didn't mind adding her to his death list.

Mommy has endured so many hardships. How could Viola get away with her crime just because she was mommy's sister?

Mommy was poisoned by something he didn't know, so he didn't have any solid evidence. But it didn't matter that he had no evidence.

He had plenty of ways to torture Viola.

Samuel and Nicole didn't know what Lucas had done.

Samuel kept a close eye on Nicole, and Nicole was still asleep.

She was not really asleep.

After the previous burning sensation disappeared, Nicole felt exhausted.

It was as if her body had been hollowed out. She was extremely tired and uncomfortable.

She did not know how long she had slept, nor did she know what had happened to her. She felt chest tightness and shortness of breath as if she were pressed by something.

Nicole struggled hard to wake up.

She knew how much Samuel cared about her, how much the children relied on her, and how likely she was to frighten them.

Samuel must be go into lengths to revive her. How could she keep sleeping?

Nicole struggled and finally slowly opened her eyes.

The room was so dark that there was no light at all.

She felt a pair of powerful hands hugging her. She felt relieved at the familiar embrace.

Nicole heard even breathing.

She turned her head, unable to see Samuel's face clearly. It was too dark.

Nicole tried to turn on the light.

Samuel instantly woke up.


His voice was hoarse but excited.

Nicole smiled weakly and felt her throat burning.

"Would you like some water? I'll pour some for you right away."

Samuel hurriedly got out of bed and poured a cup of warm water for Nicole.

He was so excited.

Nicole was awake!

She finally woke up!

Samuel slowly helped Nicole up and placed the cup beside her lips.

Nicole was really too thirsty.

It was as if she were walking in the desert in a blazing hot day, about to collapse. Right now, the warm water was like a spring. She gulped down the water.

She quickly finished the glass of water but Nicole was still thirsty.

Samuel quickly poured another cup for her.

After three glasses of water, Nicole felt better.

room and whispered, "Samuel, why aren't you turning

Samuel suddenly trembled.

the sun with gorgeous color came in through the floor-to-ceiling window. But at this

him and he was

out his hand and waved it in front of

didn't blink

Samuel's heart sank.

"The power is out."

did not know how to explain to

Nicole was blind!

great pain, but he had no

call Ashley and

is pregnant. She might fall down. I'm

about to fall down from

call Ashley over to take a look. Only after she checks you can I be sure you are

"Did I scare you?"

Nicole smiled faintly.

was so beautiful, but her eyes looked

Samuel looked, the more painful he

scared me to

held Nicole's

a fever. I feel like I was roasted on a fire,


wanted to say that it was not

three days since

were like purgatory

Although she couldn't see, he was glad that she was alive. She didn't

and whispered, "I'm sorry, it's all my fault. I shouldn't have slept with you so often. Even though I know you are frail,

blushed in an

am not a fragile doll, am

"You are."

Samuel's heart ached.

After talking to Samuel for a while, she felt

Her eyelids lowered.

against Samuel's shoulder and said

"What's up?"

"I'm so sleepy."

words made Samuel

He was afraid!

Nicole would catch a fever after she

before Samuel could say anything, Nicole

put Nicole on the bed and ran out to

when they heard that Nicole could no

to Nicole and performed a series of examinations on her, but they

there was no problem with Nicole's eyes.

Samuel was silent.

exactly was going

He thought of Viola.

Viola still unwilling

The subordinate hurriedly reported.

refused to

someone to take care of Nicole and came

Viola's appearance, Samuel

"Who did it?"

ordered us to

and had complicated feelings

so much. But his methods were so cruel considering

can continue the torture, but it's all my orders. Do you


help but think of her father

Dominic were still alive, he would definitely come

why did her dad pass

leave the

fell down on Viola's cheeks. But to Samuel, she

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